Don’t swap your stocks for gold just yet

Investors who listen to inflation stories, deflation stories or trade horror stories may be fooled by financial writers who claim that gold will rise anyway.Forget gold, forget stocks, forget anything you’ve ever heard or read.Stop and think.Does this sound logical?Gold will rise anyway.So whatever the price of gold is right now, I should buy it.Should I exchange my stock ETF for gold?I should trade all my stocks for gold.

Inflation, at least in America, is non-existent.The inflation joke is always about the fed printing money, so we’re going to see hyperinflation.What nobody wants to tell you is that the money supply hasn’t changed.A basic economic lesson in real life is the law of supply and demand.Forget the flashy books and the well-paid economists who failed to make the right predictions…If you think about it, if you have more supply, the price will go down, if you have less supply, the price will go up.This is their basic argument, but it is wrong.If the fed funds the banking system by buying treasuries, it makes sense that there will be more money in the system and prices will fall.However, if the money stays in the bank and never enters the economy, nothing will change.That’s what’s happening.

Demand for property loans is still falling.Businesses have plenty of capital, so they don’t need to borrow from Banks.Banks’ new lending policies are so strict that only those who don’t need loans are eligible for new loans.If the fed cannot “print” money through the teller window, why does it cause inflation?In short, it didn’t, and it didn’t.Indeed, the CPI, the accepted measure of inflation, is falling, not rising.

What the fed is really worried about is deflation.They try to raise asset prices by creating inflation.Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

The advantage of futures or foreign exchange trading over stocks

For a day trader with a successful trading system and correct trading methods, trading futures or foreign exchange instead of stocks can be a very wise choice and far more profitable than trading stocks alone.The main attraction of foreign exchange or futures trading is the potential to make large profits in a very short period of time.The secondary attraction to foreign exchange or futures markets, and why they are so profitable, is leverage.

For example, if you have $5,000 in a futures trading account, you can easily trade s&p 500 contracts.It takes an average of $500,000 to buy $1,000 each of the 500 stocks in the s&p 500.If you think the market will go up, you’ll buy the s&p 500 contract, not all 500 stocks.

But the same logic can block trades in the same way.Traders could also quickly lose 1% or 100%.This is why it is extremely important to use stop-loss points in forex or futures trading to exit when you feel your position is against you.The cost of 500 trades per share is also very high, although the price of each trade can be around $8.

Even if you make a lot of money trading futures, it’s not always easy to get it right.No one makes money all the time.Another advantage of a futures or foreign exchange account is that you can use unrealized profits on the account to gain more leverage.

Futures and futures index stock trading information

Futures trading

One trade that has become particularly popular recently is futures trading.Such transactions do not really involve any physical stock, bond, currency, or anything of this nature, but involve the state of a proposition at a certain date and time.The dates and times involved are called due dates and due times.Then draft a contract stating whether the proposal is worth more or less than a certain amount around the expiration date.

This is a very challenging industry.For those who are good at predicting short-term volatility, however, this may prove more lucrative than simply trading stocks.Examples of futures trading include future stock trading, future index stock trading and future foreign exchange trading.

The index

Another trade that has grown in popularity recently is stock index futures.Before you can understand exactly what this type of trading involves, you need to know what a stock index is.A stock index is basically a group of interrelated stocks.The strength of a stock index is based on the combined strength of all the different stocks that make up the stock index.

Now that you’re fairly familiar with what a stock index is, we can move on to the next section, which lists a relatively new and very exciting type of trading from which many people can make a very good living.This trade is called futures index trading.

Future index stock trading

The trading concept was developed from the fact that the value of a stock index is published at the end of each day, making it possible to try and predict the future value of the stock index.Like other futures, existing contracts have specific Numbers and dates, and their value fluctuates depending on how a particular stock index moves at the end of the day.You can buy and sell these futures just like you would any other futures, and since information on stock indexes is readily available, many newcomers find these trades easier to enter.


Hopefully this article has given you a good idea of futures and future index trading.Now that you know the basics of these two potentially lucrative trading options, it’s time to take a step forward and accelerate your learning curve even further.Never use money you can’t afford to lose.Divide your total funds into sections and use only some of them at any one time.

Foreign exchange market operation, profit

The foreign exchange market is a market for buying and selling securities.Foreign exchange is based entirely on currency transactions.In the foreign exchange market, you can easily trade in one currency against another and at different prices depending on global demand and supply.Many people are attracted to foreign exchange every year for a number of reasons.Many people like the fact that foreign exchange operates because of everyday currency transactions and promotes great liquidity.Forex trading is based on facts and data on a global scale, not on pure intuition.

Forex trading is a long time for a person to trade, but at the end of the day, he is still satisfied with his advantage in making money and making money.Foreign exchange trading can be done effectively if there are no sources of manipulation of Numbers, demand and supply, and no external controls to disrupt the way it works.Many people trade for a variety of other reasons, such as a preference for long-term hedge investors.It is based entirely on fluctuations in currency prices.It works by keeping investors connected to investors around the world with the help of various telecommunications resources.

You can profit from trading in many ways.If you download or get fx robots, then they can make your job very easy.Because humans can make mistakes in mapping market trends and discovering the value of money, these forex robots allow you to work with ease, constantly alert to trends in money and money markets.These robots can effectively help you make rational decisions.These rational decisions will ultimately allow you to make more money by trading in the best currencies and investing less.

Foreign exchange trading is a tricky business, and if you’re investing in the wrong currency, you still have a long way to go to recover from your losses.You will have to face significant losses in order to return to profitable games although you will still have the software to help but if you blindly go to what the software says instead of putting your analysis and marketing knowledge, then this can create some problems.